Sync your inventory with Shopify

To sync your inventory with your Shopify online store, you need to install the Shopify application in the Apps section of your Hiboutik account.
The plugin will :
– update your online store inventory when a sale occurs in your point of sale,
– and send online orders to your Hiboutik account (to finally update your in-store inventory).

1/ Requirements

Premium option is required because both platforms use the Hiboutik API to communicate.

To sync inventory, the product barcodes (or the variant barcode) on both platforms must match.

From Hiboutik, barcodes of your product and variants are available in the 'Variants and barcodes' section in the product form.

From Shopify, the product barcode is available in the 'Inventory' tab of the product form (or in the Details of the variant).

To export your product barcodes from Hiboutik, go to 'Products/Import-Export/Export data: Products by variant'.
To import product barcodes into Hiboutik, go to 'Products/Import-Export/Upload data – Update barcodes'.

2/ Configure the application

In the Apps section of your account, install the Shopify application.

In the settings of the application, enter the Shopify URL address (ex:
You can sync your Hiboutik inventory with several Shopify websites. Then click on the 'Install' button in front of the Shopify address you just added.

Fulfill the settings required :

Store ID : select the point of sale on which online sales will be recorded (and from which your online store will draw inventory from).

Vendor ID : enter the user ID under which the online sales will be recorded (available in Settings/Users/Users). The admin user is number 1.
We suggest to set a specific vendor ID to filter your online sales in your reports.

Shipping Product ID : enter the 'Shipping' product ID (create this product as a single product in the 'Products' section of your account) used to receive shipping fees of your online sales.

Sale ID Prefix : leave the preset prefix as it is, or enter a different one.
The prefix is used to distinguish your online sales from your in-store sales; and to guarantee a single sync.

Location: select the Shopify store location on which inventory will be synced.

Then click on the 'Sync Products' button to associate automatically products on both platforms. Products synced will be listed in the application.
Finally, click on the 'Sync Stock' button to to feed your online store inventory with your in-store inventory.

3/ Sync process

In-store sale :
When a sale is closed, inventory of products involved in this sale is automatically updated on your online store.

Online sale :
The sync is launched when the online sale payment is confirmed.

Automatically in your Hiboutik account:
– a new sale is created,
– the Shopify customer is created (only for new customers) and assigned to the sale,
– all the products sold online including shipping fees are added to the sale,
– and withdrawn from inventory in the limit of stock available.

When you receive an online order, it will appear as a parked sale. You will need to close it manually when you complete it.
You can add a specific payment method on your account (ex: WEB) to separate online sales from in-store sales.

There is a single sync for each sale. If you modify a Shopify sale after the sync occurred, you will also need to update manually the synced sale in Hiboutik.
The Shopify sale number is available in the note of the synced sale.
The customer is automatically synced, but not the addresses.

The inventory is not synced when you complete a stock order, perform an inventory count or proceed to a return/exchange.
When that happens, you will need to click on the 'Sync Stock' button in the Shopify application.

4/ Sync errors

If a Shopify product barcode doesn’t match with an Hiboutik product barcode, an unknown product will be added to the synced sale. If you select this product in the sale, you will find the product information in the product note field.

If quantities of the product sold on Shopify is not available on Hiboutik, quantities of the product line will not be withdrawn from your inventory.
You will need to proceed to a stock order, then select the product in the sale and click on the button to withdraw the quantity from inventory.

For the first orders synced, please make sure that data are consistent in both platforms, especially concerning tax rates.

If your Shopify website doesn’t respond to the webhook, an error message will be displayed on your Hiboutik account informing you that connection is cut off. You can restart your session (logout and login from your account) to relaunch the webhook attempts. When this occurs, you should relaunch a complete sync of your online inventory from the Shopify application.

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