Dispach your delivery orders with Shipday

Shipday is an easy restaurant delivery management system with automated dispatch and real-time tracking for customers.
With this app, delivery drivers can receive order details on-the-go from their dispatchers, see the fastest routes to customers doorstep, and communicate delivery status updates to multiple parties with one tap on the screen.

1/ Setting

Get your API key from your Shipday account at https://dispatch.shipday.com/dashboard#accountInfo Go to Account Info and then API key option.

In the 'Apps' section of your account, install the 'Shipday' app.
Enter your Shipday API key with details of your restaurant.

2/ Use it

For each order, in the 'Actions' drop-down menu, click on 'Shipday' to send your sale data to Shipday with your customer complete information.
Sales will be displayed on your Shipday dashboard.
Assign a driver and send him a notification.
If the drivers accepts the delivery, he will receive the pick-up and delivery addresses and the fastest route.

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