Sync Uber Eats sales

In the 'Apps' section of your account, install the 'Uber Eats' application.

This application will automatically retrieve your Uber Eats sales into Hiboutik.

1/ Requirements

Premium option is required to install the application.

To sync inventory, the product barcode (or the variant barcode) in Hiboutik must match with the External data field (or variant External data) in Uber Eats.

From Hiboutik, barcodes of your product and variants are available in the 'Variants and barcodes' section in the product form.

From Uber Eats, the menu Externa data field is available in the 'Details' tab of the menu form (or in the Details of the variant).

2/ Configure the application

In Hiboutik, enter the 'Uber Eats' app settings (Apps/My apps) and click on the 'Install' button to link your Uber Eats account.

Enter the following information :

Store : select the point of sale on which Uber Eats sales will be recorded.
You can create a separate store on your account to receive all Uber Eats sales (multi-store option).

Vendor : select the user who will be assigned to all your Uber Eats sales.
We suggest to set a specific vendor to filter your Uber Eats sales in your reports.

Payment : select the payment method that will be automatically assigned to your Uber Eats sales.
You can create a specific payment method on your account (ex : UBER) to better track your Uber Eats transactions.

Sale tag : select the sale tag to assign to your Uber Eats sales.

Accept order : You can configure the application to automatically retrieve new orders.
Otherwise you will need to launch manually the sync from your Uber Eats dashboard.

Sale ID Prefix : leave the preset prefix as it is, or enter a different one.
The prefix is used to distinguish your Uber Eats sales from your in-store sales; and to guarantee a single sync.

Save the settings.

3/ Sync process

The sync will automatically:
– create a new sale in Hiboutik,
– create the Uber Eats customer and addresses (for new ones) and assign the customer to the sale,
– add all the products sold on Uber Eats including shipping fees to the sale,
– and withdraw quantities sold from inventory in the limit of stock available.

The Uber Eats sale number is available in the note of the synced sale.

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