API - requests

The Hiboutik API allows you to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) resources.
Each single resource has a URI (Unique Resource Identifier) to help access its properties.

Data Formats

Hiboutik API supports both JSON-encoded data and application/x-www-form-urlencoded data as requests.
Headers for both the Content-Type and Accept should be set to the format type.

Types of requests


You can read data with an HTTP GET request, with or without search parameters.
Ex: GET /categories
Ex2: GET /customer/{customers_id}

Create | HTTP POST

You can create a new record with an HTTP POST request.
The post data should be a JSON block defining the new object to be created.

Update | HTTP PUT

To update an existing record you do an HTTP PUT request.
The put data should be a JSON block defining the updates to the object.


To delete (or archive in some cases) an existing record you do an HTTP DELETE request.

Rate limiting

The Hiboutik API is rate-limited, to prevent a single API consumer from adversely affecting others using the platform.

We currently only rate limit on a per-shop basis. So, if you have several shops on your account (multi-stores), the rate limit will increase proportionally to the number of shops you own.
Requests from all apps count against the same limit, so even if your application doesn't make a lot of requests it may hit the limit because of another applications activity.

Currently, the per-shop limit is 10 000 calls by month and 30 concurrent calls. We might adjust these limits in the future.

If you hit the rate limit, you’ll be unable to make any more API requests for that shop until the end of the month.
To increase your rate limit, you can subscribe to extra API calls in Sales/Subscriptions on your account.

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