Configure users

You can add a new user in 'Settings/Users/Users'.

To add an new user, complete the first name, last name, email (login) and password.
You can assign to the new user access rights of an existing user of your account.
The user’s email address must be single on your account.
If your user has forgotten his password, he can ask for a new one on the login page of your account. The new password will be sent to your user’s email address.
When your user is login into your account, he can modify his password in 'Settings/General settings/Change your password'.

When you click on the wrench icon on your user’s line, you can :

  • change your user’s credentials,
  • add an EAN barcode (used for a fast identification – more information),
  • link your user with a specific printer,
  • set a session timeout to logout your user after a period of inactivity,
  • limit your user’s access with an expiry date,
  • assign a manager to your user (the manager will be entitled to manage your user’s permissions),
  • assign a specific homepage when your user logs into your account,
  • manage your user’s API credentials.

You can manage your user’s permissions to the different features of your account in 'Settings/Users/Access management'.
When you assign rights to a new user, we recommend to assign him the same access of an existing user and then to review some of the permissions granted.
You should not enable all rights because many are negative or limiting.
In this knowledge base, we inform you which rights must be enabled for the different features.

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