Access settings to your stores

In a multi-store account, you can set up the access of your different users to your outlets in 'Settings/Users/Multi-store – Access management'.

By default, a user can access all your stores.
You can disable this whole access and assign your user only the stores where he can work in.
We highly recommend to limit your user’s assigned outlets to prevent your user from recording sales on the wrong store.

On the login page of your account, the first store by alphabetical order is preselected. To preselect the store where you try to login, you must enter your store’s IP address in 'Settings/General settings/Printers & receipts'.

You can consult all login attempts to your account in 'Settings/Users/User login history'.
In this section, you can also unblock a user who failed to login your account and was blocked on his IP address. Click on the red cross icon in front of each failed attempt.

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