Set up taxes

When you create your account, you select your country. Your country currency and some tax rates are automatically loaded.

1/ Manage taxes

You can modify or add new taxes in 'Settings/General settings/Sales taxes'.

In this section, you can select a default tax that will apply to all new products added.

You cannot have the same tax rate for two taxes. Use the category classification to separate your products on the same tax rate. More information.

If you hide a tax, all products linked to this tax will continue to be taxed at this hidden tax. So you need first to modify the tax in each product form before hiding it.

If you change the rate of a tax, this new rate will apply to all products linked to the tax for coming sales.

If you are not submitted to any tax, select the 0% tax as your default tax, and add in your printing documents ('Settings/Printing') the legal mention for your fiscal status.

2/ Assign a tax to a product

In each product form, you can select the sales tax to apply to your product in sales. The default sales tax is automatically selected.

To get accurate accounting reports, you must select the right tax for you product before selling it.
Tax amounts in past sales are not updated when you modify a tax rate or reassign a different tax in a product form.

You can switch the tax rate on takeway sales. More information.

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