Set up points of sale

When you create your account, you will have one point of sale linked to one stock.

To add others points of sale on your account, you need to subscribe to the multi-store option ('Subscriptions/Subscribe'). You must subscribe to this option for any new store added to your account.
A new store is always linked to a new stock. If you want to link a new store to an existing stock, please notify it to our customer service.

With the multi-store option, you can:

  • have a single product database but a separate inventory for each store,
  • have a single customer database for all your stores,
  • proceed to transfers between points of sale,
  • manage your users access to the different stores ('Settings/Users/Multi stores - Access management'),
  • track you sales by point of sale or for your whole account with the Premium option.

When you login your account, you can select the store you want to connect to.

You can change the store name in 'Settings/General settings/Printers & receipts'.

You can change the stock name of your point of sale in 'Settings/General settings/Warehouses'.

In an account, each store can have a different legal structure. The sale number sequence is different for each store.
You can customize printing documents for each point of sale ('Settings/Printing').

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