Configure quotations

In 'Settings/Users/Access management' enable the right:
'Create and modify a quotation'

In the Sales section, you will find a new tab on the main page named: 'Quotations'.

A quotation works like a sale: you can add products, link it to a customer and add notes.
Products added to a quotation are not withdrawn from your inventory. So you can add products out of stock from your product database.

To print a quotation, you must use the PDF documents application in the Apps section of your account. This application enables to create specific templates you can use in your sales and quotations. You can then create a customize quotation template with all your sales conditions. More information.

To convert a quotation into a sale, click on the 'Transform into a sale' button.
The new sale will appear among the parked sales.
You will need to select each product line in the sale and click on the 'Withdraw from inventory' button (even if the product is not tracked into inventory).
Then you can finalize the sale as usual.

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