Configure product keys

1/ Standard product keys

Product keys are organized on your sales interface following your product classification :

  • products are grouped into categories,
  • products are ordered by product ID.

In each product form, you can add an image ('Image' section).
This image will be displayed on your product key.
If you don’t assign an image to your product, you can select the background and text colors of your product key ('Sales layout' section in the product form).

In the 'Sales layout' section in the product form, you can also:

  • hide the product key on the sales interface,
  • and add a short text to replace your product name on the product key.

To change the arrangement of your product keys, go to 'Products/Product settings/Product classification' and use the top and down arrow icons to order your product keys.
If you click on the arrow icon in the header of the column, you product keys will be automatically rearrange by alphabetical order.

2/ Advanced product keys

You can rearrange completely your product keys.
Advanced product keys will replace your standard product keys on your sales interface.

With advanced product keys, you can:

  • add your product keys with a different category structure,
  • display only regularly used products,
  • duplicate a product in different categories,
  • add line breaks.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management' enable the rights:

  • 'Display advanced product keys',
  • and 'Manage advanced product keys'.

When these rights are activated, your sales interface is empty. You can now add product keys in 'Products/Product settings/Advanced product keys'.

If you just need duplicating some product keys on the homepage of your sales interface (ex: best sellers), you can enable in 'Settings/Users/Access management' the following right: 'Display only advanced product keys not categorized'.
In 'Products/Product settings/Advanced product keys', you just need to add the products to display on the homepage.

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