Send by email the receipt

In 'Settings/Users/Access Management', enable the right: 'Authorize to send the receipt/invoice by email'.

To send a valid receipt by email, the sale must be closed.
To send an invoice by email, the sale must be linked to a customer AND an invoice address.

In the Payment section of a sale, click on the 'Email' button to send the receipt by email.
The PDF A4 document will be sent. You can setup the content in 'Settings/Printing/Invoice PDF A4'. More information.

To configure the email message, go to 'Settings/Printing/Email'.

You can use the following codes to customize the email:

Code Description
__hibou_print_client_first_name__ Customer first name
__hibou_print_client_last_name__ Customer last name
__hibou_print_company__ Company name
__hibou_print_num_order__ Invoice number
__hibou_print_num_order_interne__ Sale number
__hibou_print_ref_order__ Sale reference
__hibou_print_date__ Sale date
__hibou_print_day__ Day of the sale
__hibou_print_month__ Month of the sale
__hibou_print_month_letters__ Month in letters of the sale
__hibou_print_year__ Year of the sale
__hibou_print_order_points__ Loyalty points gained on the sale
__hibou_print_client_points__ Balance of the customer loyalty account
__hibou_print_tracking_number__ Tracking number

You can select the user email address who will receive replies in the 'Sender' field (if none, replies will be sent to the user email address linked to the sale).
You can also select the use who will receive a copy of the message.

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