Proceed a sale with a timestamp

If you invoice on the time spent in your store space (ex: coworking business, parking...), you can track time consumed by your customers with the Timestamp feature.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the right : 'Track time to invoice time elapsed (timestamp)'.

Premium option is required.

1/ Create a time line

In 'Sales/Timestamp', you can search for a customer or scan a code (barcode, RFID card…) in the 'Scan' form. It will launch a new time line.
If you scan a customer EAN, the customer is automatically assigned to the time line created.
For each time line, you can assign a customer, add a note, and link it to a parked sale or a new sale.
You can search for a timestamp if you type the time line code in the 'Scan' field.

2/ Manage time lines

In 'Sales/Timestamp', all pending timestamps are listed with some consumption indicators.

You can :

  • stop a time line,
  • hide a time line stopped,
  • link a time line to a new sale,
  • hide all time lines linked to closed sales.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the right : 'Update time of entry/departure for the timestamp feature' to change start and end time of a time line.

3/ Invoice a time line

You must now convert the time elapsed into a sale.
You can create a variant product with billable hours as variants (ex: 1h – 6 eur, 2h – 11 eur…). For each variants you will enter a different price in the product form ('Variants and barcodes' section).
When you will add this product to a sale, you will have to select the period of time to invoice.

Another solution is to use a custom script to automatically calculate the amount to invoice from the time elapsed. When you stop a time line, a time product is automatically added to a new sale with a price calculated on various criteria (time spend, customer group, first hour indivisible ...)
We can develop this script on quotation.

4/ Track timestamps

In 'Reports/Date to date/Timestamp', you can list and download all time lines for a period of time.
A chart shows your occupancy rate.

You can set the Timestamp page as your default Sale page.
In 'Settings/Users/Users', click on the wrench icon in front of you user and select 'Timestamp' in the 'Home' drop-down menu.

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