Print line item tickets (admissions/ticketing)

A simple ticketing feature enables to print an individual ticket for each item of a sale.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the right : 'Print individual tickets for each item line of the sale'.

In the Payment section of a sale, you will find a 'Ticketing' button to print a ticket for each item line of the sale.

In 'Settings/Printing/Ticketing', you can configure the layout of your admission tickets. You can customize the content with codeswith the standard code for receipts: consult codes.

In addition, the following codes are available:

Code Description
<hibou_print_id_product> Product ID
<hibou_print_lib_product> Product name
<hibou_print_lib_product_strtoupper> Product name in capital letters
<hibou_print_size_product> Product variant
<hibou_print_price_product> Product price
<hibou_print_id_line_item> Product sale line ID (single ID)
<hibou_print_product_serial> Product serial number
<hibou_print_product_comment> Product sale line note

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