Perform a sale

To create a sale, click on the 'New sale' button at the top right corner of the 'Sales' tab.
On the restaurant interface, you can open a sale by clicking on a table from the table layout.

1/ Add products

To add a product to a sale:

  • click on the key button of the product,
  • Search for the product name, product ID or product supplier code in the 'Add new product' field,
  • Scan the product barcode in the 'Add new product' field.

If the product has a variant, select it. You can add a quantity to your product. More information.

When you select a product in the sale, you can:

  • delete it,
  • modify the quantity (only for products not tracked into inventory),
  • change the selling price,
  • apply discounts,
  • select modifiers,
  • add notes.

You can manage these actions in 'Settings/Users/Access management'.

2/ Proceed to the payment

Click on the 'Payment' button in the sale to select the payment method used to pay the sale.
The payment method selected by default is the one set in 'Settings/General settings/Payment types'.

The DIV payment method enables to proceed multi-payments (the sale is paid with several payment types) or deferred payments (a due date is linked to the payment method). You can also register extra-payments like tips (money received is higher than the amount of the sale).

For the CASH payment method you can enter the money tendered by your customer to calculate automatically the change due.

If the sale is paid with the default payment method you can close the sale in one click: in 'Settings/Users/Access management' enable the right 'Display a button to close the sale bypassing the Payment screen'.

3/ Close the sale

To checkout, click on the 'Close the sale' button.
A receipt is automatically printed if you have setup a ticket printer on your account.

You cannot modify a closed sale, except for the payment methods. More information.

All closed sales of the day are displayed in the 'Sales/Closed' sales tab.
To show closed sales from another day, select the day in the top form of the 'Sales' tab.

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