Manage deposits

A deposit is sum of money you pay in advance for a future purchase.

To manage deposits, you have three options:

  • if the deposit is non refundable and you need to generate an invoice for it, you can use the Prepaid Purchases feature:
    run a sale with a deposit amount (with a 'Deposit' product), add the amount paid to the Prepaid account of your customer, and deduce the deposit on the final sale. More information.

  • if the deposit is refundable and you don’t need to generate an invoice, you can use the Store Credit feature:
    the deposit is added to your customer Store Credit account and can be used to pay the final sale (with the CRED payment method). You can print a receipt for the deposit. More information.

  • if you want to register the final sale at the deposit payment, you can use the Deferred payment feature. The sale is paid with an instant payment (the deposit) and a payment with a due date. The final sale (and taxes linked to this sale) are registered the day you receive the deposit. More information.

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