Manage cooking options and modifiers

You can manage cooking options and modifiers with variants and/or options.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the rights:

  • 'Manage product modifiers',
  • and 'Manage variant types'.

1/ Product variants

Variants should be used to force a choice when a product is added to a sale.
You can only assign a single variant type to a product.

In 'Products/Products settings/Variants', create a variant type (ex: 'Cooking options').
Click on the magnifying glass icon on the variant type line, and add the different variants (ex: rare, medium, well done…).

In the product form, select in the 'Variant management' part the variant type created.

When you add the product to a sale (included or not into a menu), you will be required to select the variant.

2/ Product modifiers

Modifiers are optional.
In a sale you can assign multiple modifiers to a product.

In 'Products/Products settings/Modifiers', create a group of modifiers (ex : sauces, ingredients, toppings…).
Click on the magnifying glass icon on each group line, to add the different modifiers. You can link the modifier with a price that will alter the selling price of the product.

In the product form, select in the 'Product modifiers' section the modifier groups that can be assigned to your product.

After adding the product to the sale, select it in the ticket to add modifiers.

Variants and modifiers will be printed on your kitchen tickets, and can be printed on your receipts (more information).

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