Configure rooms and table layouts

On the restaurant interface, you can create a new sale by clicking on a table from the table layout.
When you open a table, you are invited to enter a number of place settings on a numeric pad.

You can set up rooms and table layouts in 'Settings/General settings/Rooms and table layouts'.

You can create as many rooms as you want.
You can set a default room that will be the homepage of your Sales tab.
In 'Settings/Users/Users' you can set up a different default room for each user.

Click on the magnifying glass icon of the room line to set up your tables.
Add your tables on the table layout.
Select a table and drag it, to move it.
Click on a table to change the name, sizes, color and shape.
Once you complete your table layout, click on the 'Save' button.

To delete a table, no open sale must be assigned to your table.
To delete a room, you need first to delete all tables of the room.

Below the table layout, a chart lists all the tables of the room.
Switch off the 'Direct' button to bypass the place settings step in sales.

In the Sales tab, a small icon appears in the top right corner of a table when the table is open.

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