Configure kitchen printers

To use a kitchen printer, you need first to follow instructions to set up a printer in 'Settings/Printing/Printer tests'

1/ Main kitchen printer

In 'Settings/General settings/Printers & receipts', enter in the 'kitchen printer' field: your printer IP address followed by :9100 (ex:
If you are using a local printer (USB), enter 'default'.

In each sale, you will find a 'Send to kitchen' button to print your sale details on your kitchen printer.
Only the latest products unsent to the kitchen are printed. To resend the whole order to the kitchen click on the double arrow icon.

You can customize your kitchen ticket header and content design in 'Settings/Printing/Kitchen printer'.
You can use the same codes as the ones available to customize your receipt ticket. (more information).

2/ Multiple kitchen printers

In 'Settings/Users/Access management' enable the right: 'Print to multiple kitchen printers (kitchen, bar, prep area...)'.

By default, all items are printed on your main kitchen printer.

To print an item on a different kitchen printer, go to the product form an add in the 'Supplier code' field: the printer IP address followed by :9100 (ex:
We recommend to fix all your printers IP addresses on your router.

In each sale, you will find as many different 'Send to kitchen' buttons as you have kitchen printers setup on your account.

You can customize the name of your kitchen printer buttons with CSS code (more information).

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