Change taxes on take-away sales

In some countries, you can apply a reduced tax rate on take-away sales.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management' enable the rights:

  • 'Manage product tags',
  • 'Assign tags to the product',
  • 'Authorize to modify taxes on eat‐in and take‐away sales'.

1/ Configure your products

In 'Products/Product settings/Tags', create the group of tags 'Tax rules'.
Click on the magnifying glass icon of the group line and add the single tag 'Take-away tax'.

In each product form, in the 'Product tags' section, select the 'Take-away tax' tag if the product is eligible for a reduced tax in take-away.
For the product standard tax rate, you can select the rate that will apply in most cases (ex: eat in rate if most of your sales are performed indoor).

2/ Set up the Take-away application

In the Apps tab of your account, install the 'Take away / Eat in tax' application.
On the setting page of the application, select:

  • your sales tax for indoor consumption,
  • your sales tax for outdoor consumption,
  • and the 'Take-away tax' tag that will trigger the switch of tax rate.

3/ Switch taxes in sales

In sales, just below the ticket, you will find 2 buttons ('Take-away' and 'Eat in') to switch the tax rates on products eligible for a reduced tax in take-away.

Product selling prices will not change, only the tax amount is modified.

A switch button indicates the sale consumption status: take away or eat in.

When you select a product in the ticket, you can check which tax rate is applied and you can change it individually.

4/ Additional information

You can print the sale consumption status on your tickets (receipt or kitchen ticket) with advanced code (more information).

On the kitchen display system, take-away sales are tagged with a 'cart' icon.

In 'Reports/End-of-day', a 'Take away / Eat in' section gives statistics on your sales according to the the sale consumption status.

In 'Reports/Date to date/Take away' you can filter product sold in take-away for a period of time.

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