Value your inventory

To value your inventory, go to 'Reports/Inventory'.

The first chart lists all products that reached the re-order point limit on the point of sale where your are login.

To value your inventory at a specific date, select the date and the time in the top form and launch the valuation.
The value of your inventory is calculated following the FIFO method (first in, first out). It means that your stock is valued from the supply prices of last products purchased.

For products with simple inventory management, supply prices from product forms are used.
For products with complete inventory management (stock orders), supply prices from stock orders are used.
When you change an incorrect price in a stock order, you need to wait 24 hours to value your inventory from the new updated price.

At the end of the chart you can download results in a .CSV file (semicolon as data separator and UTF-8 encoding).
In this file, many product criteria are available to filter results and get a targeted valuation (ex: for a specific supplier or a category).
In this export, supply prices from product forms are listed in a specific column, to enable a valuation of your inventory from the last supply prices.

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