Generate a end-of-month report (accounting report)

The end-of-month report, available in 'Accounting/End-of-month' gives an overview of your monthly activity.
Premium option is required to consult this report.

This report gives on a monthly period a detailed summary of :
– your turnover by taxes, currencies and payment methods,
– your payments received by payment methods,
– your daily turnover by taxes,
– your turnover by categories and taxes.

In the 'Download' section, you can:
– print a end-of-month report in a PDF file,
export the list of payment received,
– reach the accounting export files section – More information.

Before sending your data to accountability, you must perform a monthly closure.
To close a month, you can either close the last day of the month or close the entire month in 'Accounting/Month-end closing'.
At the top of the end-of-month report a notification is displayed if the month is not closed.

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