Set up discount events (Happy-hour, sales period…)

In each product from, you can enter a discount price.

In 'Settings/Sales period', you can select three dates:

  • Start date of the private sale event, discount prices cab applied if the customer is registered in your database,
  • Start date of the sale event, discount prices can be applied to all the sales,
  • End date of the sale event, discount prices cannot be applied.

In 'Settings/Happy hour', you can select the start time and end time of the Happy Hour period.

To apply the discount prices to a sale, click on the 'Discount prices' button (or 'Happy Hour' button) in the right side of the sale (this button is displayed only during the sale event / Happy hour).

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the right 'Apply discount prices automatically in Sales period or Happy Hour time', to apply automatically the discount prices when products are added to the sale.

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