Set up categories

Products can be classified into categories. This classification is useful to sort out a product on your sale interface or to track sales by categories.

You can manage categories in 'Products/Products settings/Categories'.
You can create categories and sub-categories to classify your products in a tree structure. To add sub-categories to a category, click on the magnifying glass icon of the category line.

To link a product to a category, go to the product form and select the category in the Category field.

To better track your business in reports, it is important to find the most relevant category structure. Any change later will modify your past reports.

You cannot delete a category if at least a sub-category or a product is linked to it. But you can hide it by turning off the 'Active' button.

You can order your categories with the up and down arrow icons.

When you click on the wrench icon in front of a category, you can change the mother category in the 'Root' drop-down menu.

Products with no category are grouped under the N/A (non affected) label in reports.

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