Create a simple product

In the Products tab, click on the 'Create a product' button at the top right corner.

A pop-up window will ask you to enter your product information :

  • Name,
  • Category,
  • Selling price (with or without VAT according to your account settings),
  • Supply price (excl. VAT),
  • and tax rate.

After saving, you will reach your product form to add some more information :

  • Supplier (important if you track your product into inventory),
  • Supplier code,
  • Brand,
  • Discount price (will apply for discount events and Happy Hour),
  • Barcode (enter your product barcode, otherwise a barcode is automatically generated),
  • Tracked into stock or not (not tracked is the default status),
  • Store location (can be a box number in your storage area),
  • Accounting code,
  • Product key design on the sales layout,
  • and an image.

You cannot change the inventory tracking status of a product already sold or linked to a stock order.

The 'Variant Management' part is for products with variations (sizes, colors,…).

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