Create a product with variants

A product with variants has different variations like sizes, colors, tastes, cooking options…
Creating a product with variants avoids creating many different single products, and enables tracking sales of the product whatever the variants sold.

1/ Create variants

Go to 'Products/Product settings/Variants' to create your different variants.
A Variant type groups similar variants.
Ex: the variant type 'US sizes' will have the following variants: S – M – L – XL.
First, create the Variant type (ex: 'US sizes') and click on the magnifying glass icon to add the different variants.

To add a new variant (ex: size XS) and keep your variants order, you can use the up and down arrow icons to rearrange your variants.

2/ Assign a Variant type to your product

In your product form, go to the 'Variant Management' section and select a Variant type.

You can then manage specific data for your product variants (prices, loyaly points, barcodes) in the 'Variants and barcodes' section.
Data of this section will override general information of the product form.

If the product is tracked into inventory, you will need to enter stock for the different variants. Only variants with stock will be displayed on the sales interface.

A product can be linked to only one variant type. If your product has different variants (like sizes and colors), you must create as many different products as you have secondary variants.

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