Create a composite product

Composite products allow you to package different products together.

With composite products you can:

  • propose a discount price for a pack of the same product,
  • propose a single menu in your restaurant,
  • propose a special price for a bundle of products.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management' enable the right 'Manage composite products'.

To create a composite product :

  1. Create a product,
  2. Go to the 'Composite product' section in the product form and click on the button 'This item is a composite product'.
  3. Then add the items (and quantities) of the composite product.

The final price and taxes of your composite product will be calculated from prices and taxes of all products added.
When you sell a composite product, inventory of the items sold is updated.

When you sell a composite product, the detail is displayed on your sales screen but hidden on the receipt.
To print the detail of a composite product on the receipt, enable the right in 'Settings/Users/Access management': 'Show the detail of composite products on the receipt'.

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