Online booking page - booking theme

A web booking page linked to your account enables to accept online reservations and appointments from your customers.
Your account calendar will be automatically filled up with events.

1/ Settings

In 'Settings/Opening hours',configure your opening periods for each day of the week.
You can add several time periods for the same day to manage your noon closure.
You can also add the dates your store is closed (holidays…). Bookings will not be possible for these dates.

In 'Settings/Online store', select the Booking theme to activate it.

In 'Settings/Online store/General information', enter your store information and a catchphrase that will be displayed at the top of the booking page.

In 'Settings/Online store/Social networks', add the links to your social network pages.

In 'Settings/Online store/Pick-up & booking',specify:
– the duration of time slots,
– the minimum time before accepting an appointment (ex: 30 min means that the next possible appointment is the first available time slot after 30 min),
– the number of coming days for which you enable booking (if 0 bookings will be accepted for the next 30 days),
– the maximum numbers of appointments by time slot.

In 'Settings/Online store/Content', introduce your business, and detail your sale conditions and your privacy policy to ensure the protection of your customer data.

In 'Settings/Online store/Booking', select:
– the product tags linked to the products/services from your product database that can be selected by your customers during the booking process. More information on the product tags.
– the sale tags to propose specific options like the number of participants, or the list of employees, or the available resources...More information on sale tags.

In 'Settings/Online store/Emails', add in the 'Message Pick up' field the email content sent to the custom when a reservation is made.

2/ Booking process

  1. Reach your booking page ( You can also point your own domain name to this page. More information.

  2. Select a date and an available time slot.

  3. Select the products/services and specific options, if some tags are configured in the settings.

  4. Enter customer information.

  5. Confirm the appointment: the customer and you will receive a notification by email. The customer and appointment data will be saved in your account schedule.

When the customer shows in your store, create the sale from the schedule tab to automatically link it to your customer information.

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