The order process – Myshop theme

1/ Create an order

To add a product to an order :

  1. Click on the product thumbnail or the product name to reach the product page,
  2. Select the product variant and modifiers,
  3. Enter a quantity,
  4. Add a note if necessary,
  5. Click on the 'Add to cart' button.

In the cart at the top left side of the page, select the delivery method: pick-up or delivery.
For a multi-store account, select the store from which the order will be picked up from. Product availability for the selected store is checked at this step.

2/ Save customer information

For pick-up delivery, the customer enters his contact information and select a date and time to collect the order.
For shipping delivery, the customer needs also to enter a delivery address.
At this step, shipping fees set up in 'Settings/Website' are added to the order amount if the shipping delivery method is selected.

3/ Order checkout

At the next step, the customer is prompted to select the payment method, among the ones you activated in 'Settings/Website' for the delivery method selected.
Card payments are processed by Stripe. More information.

When the order is completed, your customer will receive a confirmation email. You can configure this message in 'Settings/Website'.
You will also receive a notification by email.

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