Stripe account

In 'Settings/Website', you can link a Stripe account to accept online card payments.

Click on the 'Connect with Stripe' button. A window will pop up on which you can create a Stripe account or login your existing account.

1/ Existing Stripe account

If you already have a Stripe account, click 'Sign in' at the top of the page and then login your Stripe account.
Your online store will be automatically connected to your Stripe account.

2/ New Stripe account

Complete the form to create your Stripe account.
Data fulfilled are important to help Stripe check your identity (legal requirements).
Click 'Authorize access to this account' at the bottom of the form to connect Stripe with your online store.

3/ Transactions and fees

When a payment occurs, the amount paid by your customer is charged on your Stripe account minus transaction fees (Stripe fees + 1%). ex:
For UK, transaction fees for a payment with a European card are 2,4% + 20 p.
For the USA, transaction fees are 2,9% + 30 c.

After a 7 day period, you can transfer the received amount to your bank account (free of charge).

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