Digital menu and table side order

Your customers can consult your digital menu and make an order from table side with their own smartphones.
This feature is based on your online store (Food theme).

In 'Settings/Website' you can generate, download or print QR codes to access your digital menu and link the session to a table number.
A standard QR code for your restaurant menu can be also created in this section.

  1. Your customer scan the QR code from his smartphone with the regular camera application.
    The customer table number is automatically recognized.
    If an order already exists for this table number, your customer can consult items ordered, otherwise a new order is created.

  2. You customer can add new items to the cart and confirm.
    New item are automatically added to the customer order and can be processed by the kitchen staff.

On the same interface, you can accept payment at the table that allows your customers to pay the bill by themself from their smartphones. More information.

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