Add images to your products

Your online product images can be added in the 'Images web' section of your product forms.
The first images of this section will be used for your product thumbnails on the catalog page.
You can add up to 4 different images for each product that will be displayed on the product page.

Images are square pictures of 1000x1000 px
If the imported image has a different format, it will be cropped and resized. 3 types of cropping are possible:
default: image is cropped from the top left side and resized,
center-zoom: image is cropped from the center and resized,
frame: image keeps the same proportions and resolution.

You can generate the first big image from the initial image imported in the 'Image' section.
This action can be automatically done if you click on the 'Transform product images in web images' button in 'Products/Product settings/Misc'.

You can import in bulk your product images from the 'Multiple images upload' application in the 'Apps' section of your account.
You can proceed to the import by downloading images from your device (images should be first renamed with your product code) or from a .CSV file with images URL.

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