Subscriptions / options

With the free version, you can record all your data (products, inventory, customers, sales…) and generate an end-of-day report (your turnover is broken down by payment types and taxes).

Paid options are optional and can be subscribe in 'Subscriptions/Subscribe'.

1/ Premium option

The Premium option gives you access to detailed reports on your business (statistics, accounting reports, inventory levels…) and advanced features (store credit, kitchen display screen…). You can also install applications on your account and use the API.

In 'Settings/Users/Access Management' all Premium features are followed by a star icon.

You can subscribe to the Premium option on a monthly or yearly basis.

2/ Multi-store option

The multi-store option enables to manage several stores on the same account.
a multi-store option must be subscribed for each new store added on an account.

You will have a single access to manage all your products, supply orders, inventory and customers.

A different stock is assigned to each store and you can proceed to transfers between outlets. When you add a new store to your account, you can ask our customer service to link it to an existing stock.

On the login page of your account, you can select the store you want to connect to.
For each user, you can set up the stores he can connect to, in 'Settings/Users/Multi-store - access management'.

From any computer connected to Internet, you can access one of your stores and check activity in real time.

In addition to the Premium option (valid for the whole account whatever the number of stores), you can track your whole business and have an insight in each store.

You can subscribe to the Multi-store option on a monthly or yearly basis.

3/ Applications

With applications you can activate some extra-features. To install applications go to the Apps tab of your account. An application is often linked to a setting page to configure it.

You can subscribe to applications on a yearly basis.

All options data are available for the subscribed periods. The Premium option can be subscribed for past months (only month by month).

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