Proceed to a restock

A restock enables to list all products sold on a period of time:

  • to supply the front store from a stockpile (in a single inventory store),
  • or to supply a store from another store (like a warehouse).

A restock will be populate with all product sold from the last restock date.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the rights:

  • 'Create a transfer',
  • 'Submit a transfer'.

In 'Products/Transfer-restocking', you can select in the drop-down menu the store to restock and the sending warehouse (multiple-choice in a multi-store account).

For products tracked into inventory:
Only products available in the sending warehouse are displayed.
You can delete some products in the list if you don’t want to restock them.
When you complete the restock, products are added into your store inventory and removed from the sending warehouse. When the restock is done on the own store warehouse, there is no stock flow.

For products not tracked into inventory:
You an edit a simple list of product sold.

You can print on a ticket the product list of a restock.

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