Manage a simple inventory

With a simple inventory management, you don’t need to make stock orders to add stock on your products.
In each product form, you will find a field to enter your available stock. Quantity seized will be decremented when the product is sold.

In a simple inventory management, all products are not tracked into inventory, so you can continue to sold them even if the stock available is void.

The simple inventory management is recommended if:

  • you track your inventory in another solution and you just need to have your stock levels available,
  • you don’t have time to enter your initial stock and you want to perform sales while counting your inventory.

You can value your inventory in 'Reports/Inventory'. The valuation will be done on supply prices populated in product forms.
It is not possible to value your inventory at a past date (because we don't track your supplier purchases).

You can ask our customer service to switch your account with a complete stock management: all stock available will be added in an initial stock order.

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