Create a stock transfer

You can complete a transfer between stores only in a multi-store account.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the rights:

  • 'Create a transfer',
  • 'Submit a transfer'.

1/ Complete a stock transfer

In 'Products/Transfer-restocking', select in the drop-down menu the from/sending shop and the to/receiving shop, and create the stock transfer.
In the created stock transfer, you can add the products to transfer.
Adding products to a stock transfer is working the same as in a stock order.

When you complete your stock transfer, products are added to the receiving shop inventory and removed from the sending shop inventory.

You cannot cancel a stock transfer, but you can proceed to a reverse transfer.

You can anticipate a transfer and complete it later.
If a product is no more available in the sending store, an error message will be displayed on the product line. You will need to fix it before completing the stock transfer.

2/ Import a stock transfer

In a stock transfer, at the end of the page, you can import a list of products to transfer.

The import file is a .CSV file with 3 columns (in this order) : product ID, variant ID, quantity.
For simple products (no variant), leave blank the variant ID field.

At the end of a stock transfer page, you canĀ :

  • download the product list of your stock transfer in .CSV,
  • delete all products of your stock transfer (before completing it),
  • delete all unavailable products of your stock transfer (before completing it),
  • print all labels of the stock transfer,
  • and change the stock transfer name.

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