Receipt printer on Android

From an Android device, you can print on a network printer or a Bluetooth printer (only with the Espon protocol).

To login your account, you can install the Hiboutik application (available on the Google Playstore) or use any updated browser (Firefox,Chrome…).
The application will show your default browser in full screen. If your default browser is outdated or deprecated, printing could not works.

1/ In Google Playstore, install the 'Hiboutik Himp' application.
Open the application and switch on the service.
Don’t change the settings of the application, unless you are required to do so.

If you are using a Bluetooth printer, click on the wrench icon at the top right corner. Then, enable the 'Use a Bluetooth printer' box and select your printer.

2/ Complete your printer setup on your account, in the 'Settings/Printing/Printing tests' section.
Select in the drop down menu of part III your printer interface (network or local):
– For a network printer, enter the printer IP address.
– For a local printer (Bluetooth), 'default' will be seized.

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