Set up customer tags (customer groups)

Customer tags enable to group your customers on various criteria.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the rights:

  • 'Manage customer tags',
  • 'Assign tags to the customer'

1/ Create customer tags

In 'Customers/Customer settings/Tags', create your different tags to classify your customers.
A category of tags groups similar tags.
You can create as many different categories of tags as you want.
To add a tag into a category, click on the magnifying glass icon on the tag category line.
Ex: tag category 'Customer groups' will gather the following tags: wholesaler, VIP, employee…

To assign tags to a customer, go to the customer form in the 'Customer tags' section.

2/ Track customer tags

In the 'Customers' tab, you can search your customer database with the 'Advanced search' button and filter your customers on customer tags. Search results can be exported in a .CSV file.
Search results will show customers linked to all tags selected (AND) or linked to at least one of the tags selected (OR), or customers linked to none of the tags selected (NONE).

In 'Reports/Date to date/Customer tags' you can filter on customer tags your sales data for a period of time.

3/ Import customer tags

To import customer tags, go to 'Customers/Customer settings/Upload data: tags' and follow instructions.

4/ Set different levels of price to your customer tags

With a CSS code, you can display in sales, the tags assigned to your customer. Contact our customer service for more information.
This is useful to apply specific prices to your customers based on which group they are in.

With the 'Advances promotions' application (Apps tab), you can set discount rules to certain customer groups. To apply the discount select the promotion in the 'Action' drop-down menu in sales.

For more specific price rules, you can also use the 'Price books' application (Apps tab). You will set different price lists to apply in sales.

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