Export customers

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the right: 'Export customer database'.

In the Customers tab, click on the 'Advanced search' button at the top of the page.
Filter your customer database with available criteria and tick the box 'Export results'.
Then click on the 'Search' button and download the results with the 'Download' button.
The generated file is a .CSV file with semicolon as delimiter and UTF-8 for encoding.

In this file, you will find:

  • all your customer information (first name, last name, date of birth,…),
  • and some analytical data (number of sales, last purchase date, store credit balance, loyalty points balance…).

In 'Customers/Customer settings/Export data', you can fetch your customer addresses and customer tags.
A single customer can be linked to several addresses and tags. The customer ID enables to match these file data with your customer database.

When you filter your customer database, you can save your search and name it.
In 'Customers/Lists', you will find all saved searches.
The list results are automatically updated when you consult it.
You can export the list results in CSV.

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