Create a customer

A built-in customer database enables to track your customer transaction histories and shopping trends, to create a loyalty program, to send an email campaign, to manage customer accounts or to send invoices.

To add a new customer, you can:

  • click on the + icon at the right side of the 'Customer Information' field in a sale,
  • or click on the 'Create a customer' button at the top right side in the Customers tab.

Emails of your customers must be single in your customer database.

In each customer form, in the 'Addresses' section you can add several addresses for your customer. You can select a default address that will apply automatically in sales.

In addition to the standard customer information, you can also:

  • add an Expiry date, to track for example a membership (it is possible to display this date in sales when the customer is added);
  • add an Initial balance of loyalty points, to recover an existing program,
  • add any information in the 'Misc' field, like the postal code if you don’t register your customers addresses. You can then track 'Misc' data in 'Reports/Monthly/Misc'.

You can assign a customer to each sale. To link a customer to a sale, you can search for your customer in the 'Customer information' field:

  • by typing your customer ID,
  • or scanning your customer barcode,
  • or entering the first letters of your customer name or email and select him among filtering results.

If your customer is linked to at least one address, you can select in each sale an invoice address and/or a delivery address, to print a complete legal invoice.

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