Manage price lists

Price lists enables to manage pricing rules different than the one setup in your product database.
You can target pricing strategies for different group of customers (ex: professionals) or manage decreasing prices based on quantity.

1/ Setting up price lists

In the Apps section of our account, install the 'Price book' application (Premium option required).

Create a price list: name it and select if the pricing rules will apply to individual products or group of products (product tags).
A group of products list enables to apply pricing rules to all the products grouped under the same tag.

Click on the 'Edit' button to enter the price list.

Add products (or product tags) with your specific selling prices.
For product list, add the product ID and variant ID (if exists, or leave the field blank).
The quantity field enables to set a minimum quantity from which the new price will apply (default value is 1).
In case of multiple rules for the same product (same tag), the rule with the higher quantity will apply.

On the Price Book main dashboard, click on the 'Enable' button to activate the price list on your account.

You can import a price list with a CSV spreadsheet with four columns: Product ID, Variant ID, selling price and quantity.

2/ Using price lists

Create a sale and add products purchased by your customer.

At the top right side of the sale, select in the 'Action' drop-down menu the price list to apply.

Prices of the sale are updated for the products with a special price in the price list, otherwise prices remain unchanged.

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