Manage a deposit-refund system

A deposit is a surcharge added to the selling price when the product is purchased.
This deposit can be redeemed depending on conditions like returning the empty container.

In the Products section of your account, create the different deposits as single products (no tax should apply to your deposits). These products should not be tracked into inventory.

In the Apps section of your account, install the 'Deposits' application (Premium option required).
In the app settings, link your products (or variants) to your deposit products.

When a product linked to a deposit is added to a sale, the linked deposit product will be automatically added.
Any action on the main product (delete, modify quantities) will also trigger an update of the deposit product linked.

To redeem deposits, you can create a specific product in your product database, with a negative price. This product will be used to refund your customers or generate a credit.

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