Charge VAT of the destination country

In the 'Apps' section of your account, install the 'Europe VAT' application (Premium option required).

When you proceed a sale, the VAT tax rate setup in each product form will apply.
If you ship orders to foreign UE countries, you can be asked to apply the VAT of the destination country.
This application enables to change VAT on products of the sale depending on the country of the final customer (shipping address).

First, link your sale to a delivery address in Europe (but outside your country).
In the 'Action' drop-down menu of the sale, select the 'VAT Europe' link.
The 'Europe VAT' application opens.
Link each line of the sale to a tax rate available in the destination country, and save.
Click on the 'back sale' button to return to your sale interface.

In the accounting reports, your turnover will be splitted by countries and VAT rates.

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