Manage prepaid purchases accounts

A prepaid purchase is when a product or a service has been sold and paid in a taxable sale, but the consumption is done at a later time.

The prepaid purchases account can be used:

  • to manage non refundable deposits: the customer pays a deposit for a product or a service that will be deducted when the final purchase is completed (ex: booking for a room).
  • to manage subscriptions: a customer buys a pack at x for a purchase value of y. Ex: 12 body treatments for the price of 10, the prepaid purchases account is credited the value of 12 treatments.
  • to manage prepaid accounts: a customer adds an amount of money (invoice when the money is received) and consumes it later.

Premium option required.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the rights:

  • 'Manage the prepaid purchases account',
  • 'Add an amount to the prepaid purchases account',
  • 'Delete an amount in the prepaid purchases account'.

1/ Add an amount to the prepaid purchases account

When you increase a prepaid purchases account, there is always a sale as a counterpart (ex: sale of the pack, sale to register the deposit…).
You need first to create this initial sale and assign it to your customer. You can generate an invoice for this initial sale for the amount added to the prepaid purchases account.

Then go to your customer form in the 'Prepaid purchases' section.
Select the initial sale and enter the amount due.
This amount can be different than the initial sale amount (ex: subscription at 100 can give a purchase value of 120).

2/ Use the prepaid purchases account

The consumption of the prepaid purchases account will be a discount in the final sales.
This discount can be linked to a product of your product database (ex: Deposit, Subscription, On Account...).
In 'Customers/Customer settings/Prepaid purchases' enter the selected product ID.

Create a sale and add products or services purchased.
Assign your customer to the sale.
Go to the payment section of the sale. If you customer has an amount available in his prepaid purchases account, you will find a 'Prepaid purchases account' button.
If you click on it, the product that will consume the prepaid purchases account is added to the sale with a negative amount, for a complete discount of the sale or in the limit of the remaining amount in account.
When you close the sale, the balance of your customer prepaid purchases account is updated.

3/ Cancel a remaining amount

If an amount remains in your customer prepaid purchases account (expired subscription, non refundable deposit…), you can cancel it.
Go to your customer form in the 'Prepaid purchases' section.

Delete the initial prepaid amount added, or add a new prepaid amount with a negative value.

4/ Track accounts

In the Customers tab, click on the 'Advanced search' button at the top of the page.
Filter your customer database on the prepaid purchases criteria and tick the 'Export results' box.
Download the export file to get all your customer information including the prepaid purchases account balance.

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