Set up product tags

Product tags enable to classify your products into groups, different than the categories of your products. You can add more specific characteristics to your products with tags.

Example: In a cloth store, products are categorized in different ranges (trousers, shirts, skirts, shoes…).
In the Report tab, you can track your sales and inventory by categories of products.
But it can be relevant to filter you sales with others criteria, like collections (summer year x, winter year x, summer year y…), or specific characteristics (color, fit, fabric…).
Product tags are used to assign these new criteria to the products.

Product tags can be also used in applications (Apps tab) to filter products linked to specific rule (ex: run a promotion on a group of products, apply a different tax rate for takeaway items…).

1/ Configure product tags

In 'Settings/Users/Access management' enable the rights:

  • 'Manage product tags',
  • and 'Assign tags to the product'.

In 'Products/Product settings/Tags' you can create your product tags grouped into categories.
A category of tags groups similar product tags.
First, create your category of tags (ex: collections) and then click on the magnifying glass icon to add the different tags (ex: summer 20XX, winter XX, summer 20YY...).

In each product form, in the 'Product tags' section, you can select the tags to assign to your product.

2/ Track product tags

In the 'Products' tab, with the Advanced search, you can filter your product database on tags. You can export results and use them in a spreadsheet. For example, you can value your inventory on a specific tag.

In 'Reports/Monthly/Tags' you will find the turnover share for each tag.

In 'Reports/Date to date/Tags per users' you can get sales data on tags per user for a period of time.

3/ Import product tags

You can import product tags in 'Products/Import-export/Upload data: Tags'.
Follow instructions in this section for compatible import files.

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