Manage re-order points

A re-order point is the minimum level of stock to receive an alert when the stock of your product falls to this limit.

You can use re-order points to anticipate your stock orders before you get out of stock.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the rights:

  • 'Manage re-order points',
  • 'Display re-order points'.

1/ Record re-order points

In each product form, you will find a 'Re-order point' field next to the inventory levels to enter re-order points for your product.
If you leave the field blank, the product will not have a re-order point.
If your product has variants, you must enter a re-order point for each variant.
In a multi-store account, you can set different re-order points for the same product.

You can import your re-order points in 'Products/Import-export/Import data: Re-order point'.

2/ Track re-order points

In 'Reports/Inventory', you will find a list of all products that reached the re-order point limit on the point of sale where your are login.

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