Configure your menus

You can manage different types of menus:

  • the simple menu: a group of items,
  • the choice menu: select items with different steps,
  • the option menu: compose your menu with item options.

1/ Simple menu

A simple menu is a group of products. Ex: Dish of the day + glass of wine + expresso.

You will create your menu as a composite product.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the right:
'Manage composite products'

Create your menu as a new product in the 'Products' tab of your account, and set your menu selling price.
In the 'Composite product' section of the product form, activate your menu product as a composite product.
Then select with the drop down menu the different items that will compose your menu, and modify each item price in order to reach the final price of your menu.

Prices and taxes of a composite product are calculated from the items that compose it.

2/ Choice menu

A choice menu has different subsections (appetizers, main courses, desserts) in which you can select one or several items.

A choice menu is an open composite product. It means that items that will compose the menu will be grouped directly in the sale.

In the Apps tab of your account, install the 'Menus' application.

On the setting page of the application, create your menu with a name.
Then click on the 'Show' button to configure your menu.

Create the different subsections of your menu, and set for each step if the selection of items is single or multiple, and optional or required.
You can also select which order course (more information) will receive products added in the subsection.

Then, add the different possible items in each subsection. You will need first to create these items in the Products tab of your account.

The menu price is calculated from the different items that composed it.
Your item price is by default the one set in the product form, but you can change it when you add the item to the subsection.

When your menu is configured, you can activate it on the homepage of the application.

Your menu key will appear on your sales interface. Click on it to start selecting items for your menu.

3/ Option menu

An option menu is a simple product with different options that can alter the final price.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the right:
'Manage product modifiers'

In 'Products/Products settings/Modifiers', create a group of modifiers (ex : sauces, ingredients, toppingsā€¦).
Click on the magnifying glass icon on each group line, and create the different modifiers. You can link the modifier with a price that will alter the selling price of the product.

Then create your menu as a single product in the Products tab. The selling price will be the starting price without any option.
Go in the 'Product modifiers' section of the product form and select the group of modifiers that can be assigned to your menu.

When you add your menu to a sale, select it in the ticket to add the desired modifiers asked by your customer.

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