Perform an inventory count

An inventory count enables to check your stock levels, find discrepancies, and proceed stock adjustments to value your inventory.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the rights:

  • 'Complete an inventory count',
  • 'Submit an inventory count'.

1/ Complete an inventory count

First, check that no pending sales include products your are on the way to count.

In each product form, you will find an 'Inventory count' field to enter counted stock.
If you count a quantity different than the stock expected, the discrepancy will be recorded in the 'Products/Inventory counts' tab.

You can also enter counted stock in the product list ('Products' tab) by clicking on the 'Inv. Stock' green icon in front of each product tracked into inventory.
To streamline your stock-take, you can filter your products by category, brand, supplier...with the Advanced search.

In 'Products/Inventory counts', you will find a report of all counted items with discrepancies.
You can download in a .CSV file the complete list of counted and uncounted products.

At this stage, discrepancies are recorded but your inventory levels are not updated.
You can continue to sale a counted product even if the inventory count is not completed, because we only record a discrepancy.

You don’t need to perform a complete stock-take of your store in one time.
We recommend to proceed to regular partial counts (of only a specific set of items) all year round.

2/ Submit an inventory count

When you submit an inventory count, we will process your count and update your inventory.

Before submitting your inventory count, we strongly advise to download the list of uncounted products (Generate the file before downloading it).
This file lists all products that have not be counted, and could be out of your stock.
Once your inventory count is submitted, this file will not be anymore available.

To submit an inventory count, go to the 'Products/Inventory counts' tab, and click on the 'Submit the inventory count' button at the bottom of your counted product list.

For positive discrepancies (when counted quantity is higher than expected quantity), a stock order is automatically created and submitted (with supply prices at 0).

For negative discrepancies (when counted quantity is lower than expected quantity), a sale is automatically completed with all missing products (with selling prices at 0). In the note of the sale, you will find a valuation of the loss (at the supply price of items). To better track your shrinkage, we recommend to link this stock-take sale to a specific customer (like 'unknown shrinkage').

In 'Products/Inventory counts', you will find at the end of the page, the list of all inventory counts completed.

To value your inventory, go to 'Reports/Inventory'. More information.
You inventory is updated the day you submit your inventory count.
To include stock-take results when you value your inventory, you must submit your inventory count at an earlier date than the one selected to value your stock.

3/ Import an inventory count

In 'Products/Import – Export/ Upload data: Inventory counts', you can import counted products:
– from a CSV file with products ID and quantities,
– or from a CSV file listing all barcodes scanned.
In the second case, you can also choose to release the stock of all references not scanned.

Discrepancies will be recorded in the 'Products/Inventory counts' tab. Then you will need to submit your inventory count.

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