Manage store credit accounts (on-account)

Store credit is an amount of money you keep on account for your customer (positive store credit) or a amount of money your customer owes you (negative store credit).

Premium option is required to use store credit.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the rights:

  • 'Manage store credit',
  • 'Add store credit',
  • 'Display Credit as a payment method in the sales',

In 'Settings/Payment types', add the CRED payment method on your account.

1/ Add store credit

To add store credit to a customer, go to your customer form in the 'Store credit' section.
You will find a form to add an amount of money linked to a payment type.
You can print a ticket for your customer as a proof of deposit.

All store credit transactions are resumed in the end-of-day report, to help you match up amounts with your bank statements.

You cannot delete a store credit deposit.
To cancel or reduce store credit, type a negative amount, like if you were proceeding to a store credit refund.
In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the right 'Forbid to add negative store credit to a customer's account', to prevent some users adding negative store credit amounts.

2/ Use store credit

To pay a sale using store credit, you need first to assign your customer to the sale.
Just under your customer’s name in the sale, the store credit balance is displayed.
Then select 'CRED' as payment method to complete the sale.

The amount of the sale is deducted from your customer’s store credit balance (store credit consumption).
All sales paid with store credit are resumed in the end-of-day report, and in the 'Store credit' section of each customer form.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the right 'Forbid negative store credit balance', to prevent negative store credit balance.
To proceed to a partial payment using store credit, you can charge the desired amount of store credit with the DIV payment method, and then add the outstanding amount using another payment method.

3/ Track store credit

In the 'Customers' tab, you can search your customer database with the 'Advanced search' button and filter your customers on store credit criteria. Search results can be exported in a .CSV file.

In 'Customers/Store credit', a current situation of customers’ store credit is available.

In 'Accounting/Store credit', you will find on a monthly basis all store credit deposits and consumption. Store credit movements can be downloaded.

The store credit feature can be also used:

  • to add on account a negative sale after a product return or a a partial used of a gift card,
  • to add a partner voucher on a customer account. You will proceed to a store credit deposit linked to a new payment method (like VOUCH or PARTN).

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