Import customers

In 'Settings/Users/Access Management', enable the right: 'Manage the export and import customer files'.

1/ Download the .CSV import file template in 'Customers/Customer settings/Upload data: Customers'. You can read this .CSV file y in any spreadsheet.
This .CSV file has semicolon (;) as data delimiter and UTF-8 for character encoding.

2/ Populate your data into the template’s fields and keep the same column order.

Name Notes
Last name -
First name -
Email Single data. You cannot use the same email address for two customers.
Title Gender of your customer: 1 for male or 2 for female.
Company -
Address -
Postal code Zip code.
City -
State -
Country In format ISO 3161-1 alpha-3 (ex: GBR for the UK, USA for the USA).
Phone Preferably with no blank neither delimiter. You should format these cells as text to keep the initial 0.
Date of birth format AAAA-MM-JJ
Note Max. 255 characters.
Loyalty points Number of loyalty points assigned to your customer, that will be added to loyalty points earned in sales.
EAN Single code to identify your customer.

You should not alter the column's order. Don’t delete any unused column.
The first line of your file (column headers) will not be imported.

Tip: You can use the Replace function of your spreadsheet to substitute data in your import file. ex: Replace 'Male' with '1'.

3/ Save your import file (preferably in .CSV with semicolon as delimiter and UTF-8 for encoding).

4/ Import your file in 'Customers/Customer settings/Upload data: Customers'.
A chart resumes data imported with import errors. Check data before importing the entire content.

If your customers are linked to other criteria, you can also used the Customer tags feature (more information).
You can import customers tags in 'Customers/Customer settings'.

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