Create a stock order

To add stock quantities on your products, go to 'Products/Stock orders'. This page groups all stock orders across your suppliers.
You can filter your stock orders with the 'Advanced search' button.

1/ Perform a stock order

Click on the top right button 'Create a stock order'.
Select your supplier for the order, although the order can be created without choosing a specific supplier (unknown supplier).
You can also named your stock order (with an invoice number for example).
We recommend to create a new stock order for each new delivery note (or supplier invoice).

The stock order will be received on the store where you are login to create it.

Now you can add your products to the stock order:

  • by selecting your product in the drop down menus. You will find as many different drop down menus as you have different variant types linked to your supplier. Only the products linked to your supplier are available in the drop down menus.
  • by typing your product supplier code,
  • or by scanning your product barcode.

When you enter the quantity, you can print automatically related labels (if a label printer is setup on your account).

When a product is added to a stock order, the product supply price from the product form is automatically fulfilled. You can change it in the stock order.
This supply price will be taken into account to value your inventory with the FIFO method (first in first out).

When a product is added to a stock order, the product stock is not yet updated.
Thus, you can anticipate your stock orders and confirm them only when you receive the goods.

2/ Complete a stock order

To complete a stock order and update your inventory levels, you can:

  • click on the 'Receive' button on each product line of the stock order,
  • or click on the 'Receive all' button at the top of the stock order list.

To match your suppliers’ invoices with your stock orders, you can add extra-costs (shipping fees…) in each stock order. These extra-costs will not be taken into account to value your inventory.
You can also add invoice and payment dates in each stock order.

You cannot unreceive a product line if the quantity available in stock is lower than the quantity received in your stock order.
If you enable the right in 'Settings/Users/Access management': 'Modify quantities in a received stock order', you can increase or decrease quantities received in the limit of the quantity available in stock.
Attention: this action can modify your former valuations of your inventory.

In 'Products/Stock orders', you can track the reception state of each stock order.

3/ Import a stock order

In a stock order, at the end of the page, you can import a list of products received.

The import file can be :

  • a .CSV file with 3 columns (in this order) : product ID, variant ID, quantity.
    For simple products (no variant), leave blank the variant ID field.
  • or a .CSV file with 3 columns (in this order): product barcode, quantity, supply price.
    If the supply price field is empty, the supply price from the product form will be imported.
  • or a .CSV file with 3 columns (in this order): supplier code, quantity, supply price.
    If the supply price field is empty, the supply price from the product form will be imported.

4/ Additional information

At the end of a stock order page, you can :

  • download the product list of your stock order in .CSV,
  • print all labels of the stock order,
  • reassign your stock order to another supplier and change the stock order name,
  • and add the same expiry date to all products of the stock order (more information).

If you don’t manage your suppliers into your account, you can link all your stock orders to the 'Unknown' supplier. All products of your database could be selected in the stock order.

In a stock order, you can add a product from a different supplier (with the barcode or the supplier code fields). But in the reports, stock on this product is always assigned to the supplier selected in the product form (and not the one linked to the stock order).

If you don’t find you product in the drop-down menus: – either your product is not linked to the supplier of your stock order, – or your product is not tracked into inventory.

If your product is displayed in a drop down menu, but there is no field to add quantities, it means that you have not set up your variants and variant types correctly. You assigned a variant type to your product but your variant type doesn’t have any variant.

You cannot modify a stock order (add products, change quantities...) created more than 12 months ago.

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